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The Rite Movie Review

Anthony Hopkins and Colin O’Donoghue. This is The Exorcist revisited. Colin O’Donoghue is a young man who enters the priesthood. Prior to taking his final vows he has a crisis of belief wondering if he really is seriously committed to the calling as a priest. He is offered a training assignment in Rome to learn how to exorcise demons from possessed people. He meets an older priest played by Anthony Hopkins who shows him the ropes exorcising a young pregnant woman. This film is slow and has non of the scary moments of the 1973 movie.

The trailers are scarier than the film. This was based upon a true story however the question we had was whether non Catholic people become possessed. Wait until this comes out on Red Box.

Rated 3 of 5 for a thriller drama.

Hall Pass Movie Review

Rick (Owen Wilson) and Fred (Jason Sudeikis) are two married men who enjoy checking out pretty girls much to the annoyance of their wives, Jenna Fisher and Christina Applegate. Their wives out of frustration give their husband a hall pass to be unmarried for a week and to get the ogling and voyeurism out of their system. While their wives go out of town, the two guys along with three buddies wanting to observe go out to pick up girls. They are totally inept and unsuccessful.

The guys find that their hearts are really not into this. When they at last get the opportunity to score, they realize they really love their wives and cannot go through with this.The wives find that being single momentarily attracts men to them and they have an opportunity to score on their own with interesting consequences. This film was produced by the Farrelly Brothers who did Stuck on You, There’s Something About Mary and Shallow Hal to name a few. This film is a little crude in parts but is really funny. Their films have a common theme about the goodness in people. If you do not mind a little sophomoric and off color humor, you will enjoy this film. We did.

Rated 4 of 5 for a comedy

Bruce Kantor

2011 Monroe, NC

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