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Scott Health & SafetyMonroe, NC – Tyco / Scott Health & Safety, a maker of respirators and protective equipment, will host the “Manufacturing Makes It Real” tour at their Monroe facility at 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday, September 28, 2010. Tyco / Scott Health & Safety invites other regional companies to join them in a manufacturing rally to showcase the pride, workmanship, and innovation of North Carolina workers.

That afternoon, a busload of business and political leaders will roll into the Tyco / Scott Health & Safety parking lot along with a tractor-trailer displaying “Made in NC” products. Dignitaries from state and local government, as well as officials from the University system, the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations, are expected to arrive in the bus.

The visiting officials will accept North Carolina-manufactured goods from Tyco / Scott Health & Safety leaders and other manufacturers in attendance. The products will be added to the traveling display, and on Friday, October 1, will be presented to the Governor at the final rally of the “Manufacturing Makes It Real” tour.

The “Manufacturing Makes It Real” tour is a week-long journey around the state to call attention to the high quality and competitive spirit of North Carolina manufacturers. The Industrial Extension Service at North Carolina State University is conducting the tour. (For more information,

North Carolina is home to 10,000 manufacturers that together employ about 500,000 people. Manufacturing is the largest single contributor to the state economy, and North Carolina is the 9th largest manufacturing state in the country. North Carolina companies manufacture everything from consumer goods to industrial vehicles, from microelectronics to jet engines.

Tyco / Scott Health & Safety hopes many nearby companies, manufacturers and those who enjoy what they produce, will join them to celebrate what manufacturing means to Monroe and the state economy. When the bus and tractor-trailer move on to their next stop, Tyco / Scott Health & Safety will open its doors for visitors to tour their facility.

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