Local iPhone App Developer, Tony Burrus of Blue Gestures | Video Interview

What is Bluegestures? Bluegestures is the glue that binds all of your favorite “must-haves” into one neat little application. In fact, Bluegestures can better be described as an emoticon. Merriam Webster defines emoticon; as a representation of a facial expression (as a smile or frown) created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email. In essence, they make life easier for you by taking a bunch of words, expression or thoughts and expressing them with just a few strokes of a key.

Bluegestures took the best of social media, file sharing, and file management and balled them all up into one neat little package that you can utilize with just a few strokes of a key.

Bluegestures provides its users with a way to share, sync and access files, photos, music and task from your iDevices. We provide users the ability to form private social networks between Real Friends without beaming your information online or through a cellular service.

Putting Social back into social networking
And here is the kicker…Bluegestures puts the social back into social networking. Think about it, we’ve jumped barriers with Twitter, which allows us read what Timmy is doing “right now” in Fargo, North Dakota while sitting on a couch in Tupelo, Mississippi. We’ve forged vast expansions with Facebook and can now follow our best friend from the second grade as he drives cross-country with his wife and seven kids.

The end result, You + Alone + Pajamas = Not So Social.

Bluegestures invites you to get up, get out and do something, meet with your Real Friends and share your stories/photos and files. Stand in the middle of the room with your Real Friend and pull out your wallet (or iPhone) and share pictures from the trip to Cabo last weekend, then sync with that Real Friend and swap those fabulous pictures. Bluegestures turns “virtually – social” networking into “socially – social” networking.

The virtual to social networking tool on Bluegestures is one of our stronger assets. However, if your ego needs you to be a little more braggadocios’ we’ve added a messaging feature that will tell the virtual world you are out and about being social in the real world. Our special message is sent to your social streams and it includes our special #hashtag attached to the end that reads “#imbringingsocialback”.

But what if I like my virtual social networking? What if I just picked up a new pair of flannel pajamas with the button-out bottom and looking forward to updating my status on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn showcasing my new purchase? Bluegestures addresses that need too. Just type once and you can update them all at once.

Bluegestures uses the Ping.FM service to update your Facebook and Twitter profiles simultaneously.

That’s it. If you are a novice computer user and wondering how Bluegestures can jazz up your life, I’m sure these features have made you smile. All of this for a Low Introductory Price of $0.99 should make you downright giddy.

Visit Blue Gestures on iTunes.

Steve Sherron

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