Update. Heather Thompson Appears On NBC Today Show With Matt Lauer | Domestic Violence Victim, Heather Thompson, Once Again Fears For Her Life.

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Heather Thompson appeared on the NBC Today Show on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 with her husband Duane. She was interviewed by Matt Lauer. Below is the video of Heather Thompson on the Today Show.

Heather Thompson Interview on the Today Show with Matt Lauer

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Fifteen years after being nearly beaten to death by her husband, Heather Thompson fears for her life once again.

The man who nearly killed her is just 14 days from walking out of prison and Thompson says she’s desperate to find help. In September 1994, Thompson says Thomas Price told her she’d had her “last meal.”

Heather Thompson, Domestic Violence, Monroe, NC

“From there he proceeded to beat me for about 3 1/2 hours. He punched me, kicked me, repeatedly kicked me in the head, put a belt around my head and tried to strangle me. He picked up a broom and beat me until it broke into so many pieces he couldn’t use it any more.

Heather Thompson, Domestic Violence Abuse Victim, Video Interview

Video courtesy of WCNC.com

“He had an assault rifle as well as a .22 pistol that he held directly to my head and said, ‘I’m gonna blow your head off. I’m gonna bury your body out back and tell the kids that you ran away and didn’t want to be their mom anymore.’ And then he finally stopped the actual beating and held me at gunpoint for nearly 15 hours before he let me go to the hospital,” Thompson told NewsChannel 36 in an interview Thursday night.

In 1995, Price was sentenced to 24 years in prison for assault and kidnapping. But, the threats didn’t stop.

In a letter sent from prison in1995, Price called his wife a “slut” and promised to kill Thompson and their daughters saying, “All three of you will die by my hands.” Because of that letter, Thomas Price was sentenced to five more years in prison.

Now, 14 1/2 years later, Price is two weeks away from being a free man and there’s nothing to stop him from showing up at the door of his ex-wife. Thompson is remarried now and has two more children.

“Right this very second I am fighting for the lives of me and my children and my husband,” said Thompson.

Heather Thompson, victim of domestic abuse in Monroe, NC

She became the face and voice of domestic violence in Union County, speaking to thousands of people and serving on boards, including the North Carolina Coalition for Domestic Violence. But Thompson says she’s unable to find anyone to protect her and her family.

“Every single agency that I’ve reached out to is not there to help,” she said.

She is now disabled because of the vicious beatings and unable to work. Her new husband was laid off in December. Without money to move, Thompson fears the man who nearly killed her will return with a vengeance.

Thomas Price, guilty of nearly killing Heather Thompson

Thomas Price

Death threat letter sent to Heather by Thomas Price in prison

Death threat letter sent to Heather from Thomas Price in prison

Price will be released on May 29 and Thompson says there’s “nothing in place to help keep me and my family safe.”

If you’d like to help Heather and learn more about her story, visit her web site: www.the-babysitter.org.

You can donate to Heather’s fund to help her protect herself. Click the Paypal link to make a donation to Heather.

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Story and video courtesy of WCNC.com

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15 comments to Update. Heather Thompson Appears On NBC Today Show With Matt Lauer | Domestic Violence Victim, Heather Thompson, Once Again Fears For Her Life.

  • nadine jones

    I have great understanding on how you are feeling my ex partner was sentenced to 22 years life a year ago and i know in the back of my mind that he will keep the grudge against me until he is released he tried to kill me too and he killed someone in front of me they have no remorse for what they have done i just wish there was some support for survivors like us i wish u all the best and hope u stay safe

  • concern

    do u have family members that can help?? it is now 2010 are u and your family alright??

  • Too often abusers serve no time and many times they actaully end up with the children as they claim to have been falsely accused. Even when a woman is severely beaten, the ex often gets custody of the children. This is fact.

    It is also fact tha many times children are placed with the very parents who abuses/molests them. This happens around the world and in all 50 states.

    Be part of the solution and not the problem, listen, believe and act to help victims of domestic violence and victims ofchild abuse. If you are one with a short fuse, seek help and if you are with one with a short fuse seek help.

  • Indianashame Teardropsforksatelynn

    Dear Heather, I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am, you and your family are having to endure this by yourself. Many dv victoms are in your situtation in that government or the agencies that you have mentioned turn deaf ear or a blind eye and refusing to help! How ironic they do not refuse our tax dollars and than use American tax dollars to help less fortunate people overseas but American tax dollars are not for American women and children who endure assault, torture and murder and than the children are given to the abusers! What an outrage! Americans are just really cash cows for helping overseas people but not to help our own people. I listen to news show on how American tax dollars support big buisness with riduclous bonuses or bailouts or to send billions in relief to foreign countries to feed and rebuild their countries with American tax dollars. Now you with a substantated threat and pattern of being brutilized and beaten within an inch of your life and of course you have every reason to have the concerns you have as pictures have shown this person is more than willing to kill. Quantanimo bay detainees have more chance at justice than these battered women and abused children have as prove by the cases accept in Human Right Courts from American battered mothers and their murder children because they were denied justice in American courts. As long as the mainstream media turns a blind eye or the back to this horror and refuse to report this going all across America on daily basis more will lose their lives.
    You are so brave and a credit to dv survivors. I know nothing to see to help because many battered women and abused children are dying in droves for this reason and for this I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Be as brave as only a dv survivor knows how to be. Thank you for telling your truth and so many others truth. Bless you for that!

    The court ordered abused children they don’t want you to see….* What..WOULD you do?* Sugar and spice and everything nice. * This is suppose to every little girls life. * What happens when life is not like that? * What if your life is filled with constant abuse by the people who suppose to protect you? * For little Katelynn of Indiana, her life is filled with this from a father, stepmother and father’s family; everyone but her the relatives that love her have been deined the ability to see her. * What happens when the police will not stop this? * Than try Child Protection Service, but they will not stop this either. * The next thing to do is go to the court. * What would you do if the Child Protection Services and the court helped the abusers hurt her? * The media might work but they ignore majority of average people. * In this search for help, several politicians ignored or said stop bothering them. * If these people will not help little katelynn of Indiana than who will? * Will this little girl have to pay the ultimate price for these adults mistakes? * Now…,what WILL you do?! * This is Indiana’s Shame and these words are Teardrops for Katelynn * referral sources: http://www.courageouskids.net Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation :: Breaking the Silence: Children’s Stories Aired on PBS http://www.mkacf.org/BreakTheSilence.html Breaking the Silence http://sev.prnewswire.com/entertainment/20051019/CLW50819102005-1.html http://www.tatgelasseur.com/pages/bts.html Battered Women, Abused Children, and Child Custody: A NATIONAL CRISIS http://www.batteredmotherscustodyconference.org/ * Petition for Justice for Katelynn: http://www.gopetition.com/online/5918.html * Don’t let these little abused children be abused in silence anymore, please. * Tell someone! * Demand answers! * Demand the children’s truth! * Above all break through this silence for theses abused childrens sake! * No adults rights is greater than the right of the child to be safe!

  • Heather, there are to many of us. Though not beaten as badly as you were, I know the joy of being choaked and hearing the gurgling in my throat. Of the police cover ups, of the lies that are told so that my abuser can walk a free man to torture me for the rest of my life. Of Courts and Judges and lawyers that are bought and paid for. Of public funds used to protect this wealthy man and provide lawyers for him at the taxpayer’s expense, though the judge knew he had money. Of being separated from my son when my only crime was being abused. Of being stalked and denied my rights. Of fear.

    They wait and hope that you will die of the illnesses that the fear causes. If not that, and he kills you, they have a cover up ready for that too. And I know of too many of us. The ones that James City County and the Commonwealth of Virginia sweep under the rug. The names of the judges, lawyers and police officers who profit from what has been done to me.

    Domestic Violence is a big business. Everyone makes money from it, everyone but the victim. And when all is said and done, I like the others will be left penniless and broken, as those that have gone before me.

    Call someone, write letters do something to bring justice to yourself and the FBI hangs up on you when you have the proof of the corruption. The Department of Justice sends letters telling you to keep quiet. And slowly, as they discover that I had the evidence, the evidence disappears, right down to the pills that I never had a prescription for, but were in my name and came from the store he worked at. The depressants that were a heavy benedryl compound. I figure he was putting them in my food.

    I name names and I don’t care. Someday. someone will look at these people.

  • Tracy

    Heather, what happened to you and is happening to many other women is horrible, and I hear too many stories of it happening, too many lives are thrown into chaos by Domestic Violence. I applaud you for turning into what happened to you into a mission to help others and into volunteering to speak out and be there for those that are affected by Domestic Violence. Victims do need a voice, and Thank You for stepping up and helping to be a voice for those that may not have one.
    I’m glad to hear that you have a safety plan that you are ready to use now that he is out of jail. As a Survivor, I know you know all to well that it is up to us to provide the safety needed for our families. I’m sorry to hear that the money was not given, but I also know that many if not all organizations do not give cash/cards out with money, but have other ways they can help. With this recession, with the increase in violence and shelters becoming over run by victims, I would be amazed if they even had that money to give. Maybe other resources can be sought out? With you all not working, I’m sure Food Stamps can be received (if not on them already). Some shelters can help with things such as cards to Walmart (for not only food but clothing and house hold items), vouchers for clothing and food if needed, can help with shelter to help keep you and your family safe, and there may be other things as well. Many times we don’t get what we need the way we want them, but there’s usually a way around this. We can’t expect any one person or organization to give us everything we need, but we ARE Survivors, and we can find a way to get what is needed to insure the safety of ourselves and our families.
    I pray that you and your family stay safe, and are able to relocate so that he doesn’t find you. If you aren’t already on it, getting on the Address Confidentiality Program is something you NEED to do so that no matter where you move too, your personal address is not used on ANYTHING.
    ~Angel Hugs~

  • Please allow me to introduce myself…. I am Heather Thompson. My ex-husband was released Friday May 29th. My family and I have a very extensive safety plan in place. He did agree (after talking with his attorney prior to a court hearing) to 6 mos GPS & curfew as well as 3 years no contact with me or my daughters.
    I am well aware that he can remove the tracking device at any time. I AM NOT counting on that to keep me safe. I learned a long time ago that the I had to be my own advocate and that no one would fight for my rigths as good as I can.
    I’ve had many, many people tell me to just get a gun and take care of the problem but it’s not just that easy. If you do a little research you will find that most women who kill their abusers are charged with murder instead of self defense. I have four children to raise and can’t do that from a prison cell. Because of the abuse, I am disabled. This man has already robbed me of my ability to provide for my children, I will not allow him to rob me of my chance to raise them.
    I hope none of you have to every have the misfortune of being a victim of a crime. Our system, from the court to the very agencies that say they are helping victims, are not doing their jobs. This needs to be about accountablility.
    Turning Point, our local battered women’s shelter, is where I have volunteered for 14 years. I let them use my photos (for free) on a billboard and on brochures. I sat on the board for years and volunteered countless hours. When I went to the them a few weeks and told them I needed a $500 Visa gift card to implement my safety I was told NO! That they don’t do that….
    As a woman whose life and the lives of her family are in danger, I can not believe that the very shelter who raises money by telling the county about the homicides we have experienced, does not care enough about my families safety to help us carry out ouor safety plan.
    And the Enquirer Journal won’t cover that aspect of the story because of the good ole boy netowrk.
    For the executve director and those board members to tell me that my families lives are not worth $500 is a disgrace and we should ALL be outraged!!!
    I can be reached at FightingDV@aol.com
    Thank you all for taking the time to share your thoughts on my story…

  • Lynn

    I would like to make a donation by check to help heather-where can I send my check to

  • Annette

    Take what money you have, and invest in a gun. If he comes around you, take him down. Get a concealed license permit, so you can carry it at all times. If he’s still as crazy as he was back then, it will come down to you and your family or him. Do what you need to protect your family and be strong! I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through.

  • sadeyes

    that is so sad it makes me cry ,i cant believe someone well i can is that sick enough to savagely beat there loved one almost to death whom labored there on children there own flesh and blood into the world a wife a mom whom was so innocent and defensles she loved him enough to have children by him and all she wanted was a decent husband to care for her ,i would make a decoy of my self and dig a foxhole and booby trap an address and when he showed

  • Wildfire

    The young lady is starting to understand the facts: YOU and YOU ALONE are responsible for your family’s protection. It’s NOT the Government’s job to protect you; the police have NO DUTY TO PROTECT YOU:
    Bowers v. DeVito, 686 F.2d 616 (7th Cir. 1982) (no federal constitutional requirement that police provide protection)
    Calogrides v. Mobile, 475 So. 2d 560 (Ala. 1985); Cal Govt. Code 845 (no liability for failure to provide police protection)
    Calogrides v. Mobile, 846 (no liability for failure to arrest or to retain arrested person in custody)
    Davidson v. Westminster, 32 Cal.3d 197, 185, Cal. Rep. 252; 649 P.2d 894 (1982) (no liability for failure to provide police protection)
    Stone v. State 106 Cal.App.3d 924, 165 Cal Rep. 339 (1980) (no liability for failure to provide police protection)
    Morgan v. District of Columbia, 468 A.2d 1306 (D.C.App. 1983) (no liability for failure to provide police protection)
    Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C.App 1981) (no liability for failure to provide police protection)
    Sapp v. Tallahassee, 348 So.2d 363 (Fla. App. 1st Dist.), cert. denied 354 So.2d 985 (Fla. 1977); Ill. Rec. Stat. 4-102 (no liability for failure to provide police protection)
    Keane v. Chicago, 98 Ill. App.2d 460, 240 N.E.2d 321 (1st Dist. 1968) (no liability for failure to provide police protection)
    Jamison v. Chicago, 48 Ill. App. 3d 567 (1st Dist. 1977) (no liability for failure to provide police protection)
    Simpson’s Food Fair v. Evansville, 272 N.E.2d 871 (Ind. App.) (no liability for failure to provide police protection)
    Silver v. Minneapolis, 170 N.W.2d 206 (Minn. 1969) (no liability for failure to provide police protection)
    Wuetrich V. Delia, 155 N.J. Super. 324, 326, 382, A.2d 929, 930 cert. denied 77 N.J. 486, 391 A.2d 500 (1978) (no liability for failure to provide police protection)
    Chapman v. Philadelphia, 290 Pa. Super. 281, 434 A.2d 753 (Penn. 1981) (no liability for failure to provide police protection)
    Morris v. Musser, 84 Pa. Cmwth. 170, 478 A.2d 937 (1984) (no liability for failure to provide police protection)
    Besides: If your life and the lives of your loved ones isn’t worth your protection; why should a cop risk his life for something of such little value to you?
    Arm yourself and be safe.

  • Josephine

    North Carolina, you kind of screwed up here. Why is it legal for him to write her death threats and let him out 10 years BEFORE his complete sentence? If I lived there, I”d step up and put a bullet in his skull so no one would have to go through that ever again.

  • Charles

    Heard on the news tonight that he will have a GPS tracker on him for 6 months, and isn’t supposed to come into Union County. Additionally, he isn’t supposed to make contact for 3 years. [I think those numbers are correct].

  • Thanks for posting Heather’s story here. It speaks for itself.

  • Doug

    What a piece of filth. Someone needs to take care of him.

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