Charlotte, N.C. Light Rail Transit Video Tour. Monroe Scoop Z-Video

Charlotte, N.C. Light Rail Video Tour

Have you heard of the Charlotte, NC Light Rail? Chances are, you have. The light rail was a very controversial project that received a lot of press coverage over the last couple of years. The light rail is a reality now. If you live in Union County, NC chances are you spend money in Mecklenburg County and Charlotte. I can’t help but think that your money may possibly support this project. As citizens of Union County, NC this is a public transportation service that you can easily take advantage of and enjoy what uptown Charlotte has to offer and at a reasonable cost.

I have been wanting to ride the light rail for a while just to see how it worked and to enjoy uptown Charlotte. Saturday afternoon, my wife and I decided to go see a movie in the Epicenter station which is beside the Charlotte Bobcats Arena. I brought my Kodak Zi6 video camera to record our trip and to share it with the readers of the Monroe Scoop. To get there, we took I-485 to the South Blvd. exit. Once you get off the exit, the parking deck for the light rail is about 2 blocks on your left, you can’t miss it. Parking is plentiful, dry and free. I don’t know about you, but me and free get along nicely. Enjoy the video. z-video

Charlotte, NC Lynx Light Rail Video Tour

Google Map of I-485 & South Blvd. Exit

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Visit the Charlotte Lynx Blue Line web site.

The video above was shot with my Kodak Zi6 Flip Camera. That’s why I call these videos Z-Videos. I love this camera and you will too. You can make a purchase through Amazon and the same camera I use will be delivered to your front door. If you use my Amazon link, I’ll make a few bucks and you will help to support the Monroe Scoop.

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